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Oracle Licensing 201: How Cloud Change Things in 2017
Wed February 1st at 1:00 PM EST

As an Oracle customer, you know that Oracle has complex licensing rules which they enforce rigorously. And Oracle Cloud Licensing is no exception. With the Oracle Cloud becoming an increasingly popular choice for organizations looking to modernize their IT estate, we see a rising demand for a thorough walk-through of the Cloud licensing rules and how they are different from traditional contracts. 

Join this webinar hosted by Cam Coulson, TekStream's expert on Oracle Cloud licensing to learn how to control licensing costs, maintain compliance, and minimize audit risks.

5 Things You Will Get Out of the Webinar:
  • Know Your Oracle Cloud Contracts
  • Types of Cloud Offerings From Oracle
  • Cloud Metrics and How to Use Them
  • How Oracle Cloud Offerings Can Save You Money
  • TekStream is Your Go-to Expert for Licensing Help
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