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Cloud Rollouts Should NOT be Like a Trip to Vegas - Full of Lost Bets and Stories You Can't Tell 
Thursday March 1st at 1:00 PM EST

Everyone is looking at how to leverage cloud technology! Many of the early adopters had to endure embarrassing failed projects and expensive and slow implementations. This is no longer an issue, TekStream has leveraged the mature, robust cloud platform Oracle has developed to strategically launch our customers into the cloud, in production, in just 15-30 days. 

This webinar will highlight the specialized solutions we have created to help make your cloud experience a smooth and easy one.

Attend this TekTalk to learn about:

  • How to get to cloud in production in 15-30 days with no upfront investment and no financial commitment
  • What are the 5 solutions we are offering to get you to production in the cloud?
  • How is this zero risk? What’s the catch?
  • How is TekStream doing this with no upfront investment or financial commitment?
  • How can I get started with one of these solutions?

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Presented by:

As Managing Director of the Oracle Division Cam is responsible for driving revenue for TekStream’s Oracle Consulting practice, Managed Services, Cloud, and Licensing businesses.  He works collectively with his team to launch campaigns for TekStream and Oracle to jointly execute on to identify new leads and ultimately drive revenue.  He is also focused on creating a very high level of satisfaction with our existing customers and ensuring they continue to invest in Oracle Cloud and On-Premise solutions.

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