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Oracle Universal Cloud Credits: "One SKU to Rule Them All"
Thursday February 1st at 1:00 PM EST

In the beginning there were many Oracle Cloud SKUs, until in secret a master SKU was forged. At OpenWorld 2017 this master SKU was revealed. One SKU to replace all others. 
Oracle has recently made major changes to its cloud licensing model. The changes were followed by many additional adjustments and tweaks. In the interest of bringing light to dark places, TekStream will be hosting a webinar to illuminate the detail of this new model.

Join this webinar hosted by Cam Coulson, TekStream's expert on Oracle Cloud licensing to learn how to control licensing costs, maintain compliance, and minimize audit risks.

6 questions that will be answered on the webinar:
  • What are the new Universal Cloud Credits?
  • How does Universal Cloud Credits Work?
  • Can they be explained with a Lord of the Rings metaphor?
  • Are they pricing higher or lower than previous offerings?
  • Can I use my existing licenses and port them to cloud?
  • Can I use this to save money?

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As Managing Director of the Oracle Division Cam is responsible for driving revenue for TekStream’s Oracle Consulting practice, Managed Services, Cloud, and Licensing businesses.  He works collectively with his team to launch campaigns for TekStream and Oracle to jointly execute on to identify new leads and ultimately drive revenue.  He is also focused on creating a very high level of satisfaction with our existing customers and ensuring they continue to invest in Oracle Cloud and On-Premise solutions.