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Splunking to Increase Customer Retention and Prevent Potential Interruptions in Call Center Service
Wednesday December 21st at 11AM EST

Splunk in the context of a Call Center pulls together a wide variety of sources to complete the entire customer lifecycle from onboarding through ongoing operations and offboarding.

Splunk environments are stood up dynamically for each customer and interrelationships between VOIP based calls and other media channels must be established to expose interaction across multiple Call Center services and products. Splunk is a very effective tool to securely expose customer utilization of services, triage any operational or security-related events, and track volume related operational metrics.

This webinar focuses on a recent implementation of Splunk to meet Call Center challenges in a demanding, high volume environment to increase customer retention and address any potential interruptions in service.

In this 30 minute TekTalk, you'll learn about:

  • The objectives or CSFs (Critical Success Factors) for implementation of a Call Center Splunk solution
  • Implementation details, challenges, and differentiators
  • The ongoing evolution of a Splunk solution in that context

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Presented by:

Bruce Johnson

Director of Managed Services & Support, TekStream 

As Director of Managed Services & Support, Bruce has architected, managed, and delivered solutions for every tier of the Zachman model to cover the full gamut of technology inspired buzzwords, including high volume messaging, cloud solutions, real-time processes, portals, workflow, content, data-warehousing, service integration, and Splunk solutions. 

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