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Upgrading Oracle WebCenter to the Cloud 

Many organizations have been running Oracle WebCenter successfully over the years. Unfortunately, not all companies have taken advantage of the latest features available to them on Oracle WebCenter 12c such as better performance, improved user experience, and more capabilities than previous versions. A major benefit of upgrading your Oracle WebCenter versions to 12c is to stay compliant with your support contracts and avoid paying higher support fees for older versions; Oracle 11g goes out of standard support December 2018. Other companies have performed their upgrades and are experiencing great satisfaction with their products, but are still running their environments in traditional data centers and may even be looking at complex projects to refresh the hardware which runs their latest versions of Oracle WebCenter 12c. 

Learn how you can take advantage of Oracle’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to run your Oracle WebCenter workloads in the Cloud while reducing your datacenter footprint, reducing cost, and performing your WebCenter upgrades at the same time. During this webinar, you will also learn how to Increase capabilities and improve functionality through the addition of Oracle’s Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings. As part of PaaS, Oracle Integration Cloud Services will allow for extending your WebCenter products to interact more readily with other Oracle and non-Oracle products, and provide increased workflow services. 
TekStream can help you map the path to new innovations, reduced costs, and better performance for your Oracle WebCenter product running in Oracle’s Cloud.

In this 30 minute TekTalk, you'll learn about:

  • Benefits of moving workloads to the Cloud

  • How Oracle is streamlining the Cloud experience and making it easy to get started in the Cloud with Universal Credits

  • How Bring Your Own License enables a smooth transition to Cloud architecture

  • Benefits of extending your WebCenter capabilities with PaaS technologies

  • Benefits of upgrading your Oracle WebCenter products

  • Upgrade options specific to Oracle WebCenter

Did you know that Premier Support for your Oracle WebCenter 11.1.1.x applications will end in December 2018? Register now to understand the tools and strategies available to ensure your upgrades run as smooth as possible while enabling a faster transition to the Cloud.  

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Troy Allen

VP of Solutions, TekStream 

As Vice President of Solutions, Troy has an extensive knowledge of IT systems and experience working with high-caliber companies. His technical experience includes 11 years with Stellent/Oracle Universal Content Management application with specialization in Enterprise Records Management, Digital Asset Management, Web Content Management and Information Rights Management. He also brings a strong foundation in web design and development, expertise in all Oracle WebCenter Content Management modules, and operational experience of enterprise level engagements to TekStream. In 2010, he was named an Oracle Deputy CTO in an Oracle program that recognizes a distinct group of leading Oracle Technical Architects from North American Oracle SI organizations.


Presented by:

Matt Sebastian

Director, Global Solutions and Consulting, Oracle 

Matt runs the System Integrator (SI) practice - a division of Partner Business Strategy (PBS) within Global Solutions and Consulting. The PBS is a proven team known for innovative, value-focused partner programs. PBS' mission is to expand the customer base and generate net-new pipeline by targeting key partners to discover growth markets, define business strategy, and create technology solutions. 


Jody Schiavo

Director of PaaS Growth, Oracle

As Director of PaaS growth at Oracle, Jody handles go-to market strategies involving Oracle's set of PaaS Services as well as Oracle's Cloud hardware platform. His duties include providing a liaison between Sales and Product Management to allows Sales to better position Oracle's set of innovative Cloud software and hardware offerings.