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Splunk Use Cases: What Can Splunk Do For You 
Wednesday October 25th at 1:00 PM EST

TekStream is proficient in a wide variety of Splunk based solutions across multiple industries. We are providing solutions for improved operations, security, business process monitoring, and managed services. The ability to properly monitor and manage a Splunk solution is predicated upon establishing visibility across all instances and environments, properly setting up alert thresholds, and providing linkage to ticketing environments to raise visibility to key indicators and remediation workflows. 

As part of this TekTalk, we will cover:

  • Splunk use case examples 
  • Establishing standardized metrics for operational monitoring
  • Setting up alert thresholds and avoiding alert fatigue
  • Integrating workflow in Splunk into ticketing systems
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Presented by:

Bruce Johnson

Director of Managed Services & Support, TekStream

As Director of Managed Services & Support, Bruce has architected, managed, and delivered solutions for every tier of the Zachman model to cover the full gamut of technology inspired buzzwords, including high volume messaging, cloud solutions, real-time processes, portals, workflow, content, data-warehousing, service integration, and Splunk solutions.