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Is Your Splunk Healthy? Health Checks, Hygiene, Hints & Tips
Wednesday May 31st at 1:00 PM EST

Splunk is an easy to adopt and easy to deploy solution. Its flexibility encourages a wide degree of variability. There are ways to implement that can make it less effective. Has Splunk slowed down? Has it become challenging to leverage add-on applications without making significant changes to existing schema and knowledge objects? Are there error messages in your infrastructure that you don't understand? Is your implementation close to standard so that newer employees or contractors can maintain or modify it easily?

There are a variety of toolkits and techniques for diagnosing an existing customer Splunk environment. There is no one way to do it but there are some baseline techniques that are useful to diagnosing a Splunk environment at first glance.

In this 30 minute TekTalk, you'll learn about:

  • How to hit the ground running in diagnosing an existing Splunk environment
  • Typical challenges in a neglected environment
  • Tools for diagnosis and remediation

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Presented by:

Bruce Johnson

Director of Managed Services & Support, TekStream 

As Director of Managed Services & Support, Bruce has architected, managed, and delivered solutions for every tier of the Zachman model to cover the full gamut of technology inspired buzzwords, including high volume messaging, cloud solutions, real-time processes, portals, workflow, content, data-warehousing, service integration, and Splunk solutions.