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Karl Cepull

Engagement Director

Originally Aired:
Nov. 19, 2015

Presented By:

TekTalk Webinar


[Replay] Chooses Oracle WebCenter Sites
to Drive New Customer Portal

When realized their dealer portal was outdated and susceptible to competition, they needed a solution to steer the company towards future success.

TekStream’s industry experts suggested Oracle WebCenter Sites for the job and quickly put together an innovative plan to help leave their competitors in the dust.


Oracle WebCenter Sites enables marketers and business users to:

  • Create, manage, and moderate contextually relevant, targeted, and interactive online experiences
  • Optimize customer engagement across Web, mobile, and social channels
  • Manage large-scale global online presences with integrations into other customer experience applications

With an Oracle WebCenter Sites powered customer portal, dealerships can now market their inventory, respond to customer reviews and access reports about services or products purchased in real-time. In addition, TekStream’s senior team helped streamline technologies across departments, while cutting licensing costs on old, underperforming platforms.

During this replay, you’ll see first-hand how Oracle WebCenter Sites empowers’s Sales, Marketing and IT teams to create a first-class online experience for customers around the world and learn more about TekStream’s innovative implementation strategy using our QuickStream Methodology.