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Extending Oracle PaaS with HelloSign
Wednesday August 23rd at 1:00 PM EST

Going paperless does not mean removing human interaction; it means that you are finding better ways to make human tasks more efficient. TekStream Solutions has partnered with HelloSign to provide powerful solutions to business process management which focus on true "ease of use" and enabling users to do more with greater degrees of interactivity. In short, we've combined the power of Oracle's Process Cloud Services with HelloSign's electronic signature engine to drive complete end-to-end business solutions that are both efficient and paperless. 
Join us in our monthly TekTalk to learn more about how electronic signature functionality is a powerful ally to business process management. During the session, you'll see and hear about real world examples which drive business revenue, improve employee performance, and enable better visibility into business processes.

In this 30 minute TekTalk, you'll learn about:

  • Key features of Oracle's Process Cloud Service for enabling business process management 
  • Key feature of HelloSign's electronic signature capabilities and how they are an integral part of any business process
  • Examples of Oracle Process Cloud Service and HelloSign working seamlessly to provide end-to-end business solutions
Going digital should be easy, but many organizations still find it an elusive goal. TekStream, with the joined capabilities of Oracle Process Cloud and HelloSign, can make that goal obtainable. Join us to find out how.

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Presented by:

Troy Allen

VP of Solutions, TekStream 

As Vice President of Solutions, Troy has an extensive knowledge of IT systems and experience working with high-caliber companies. His technical experience includes 11 years with Stellent/Oracle Universal Content Management application with specialization in Enterprise Records Management, Digital Asset Management, Web Content Management and Information Rights Management. He also brings a strong foundation in web design and development, expertise in all Oracle WebCenter Content Management modules, and operational experience of enterprise level engagements to TekStream. In 2010, he was named an Oracle Deputy CTO in an Oracle program that recognizes a distinct group of leading Oracle Technical Architects from North American Oracle SI organizations.

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Mark Brazinski

Senior Product Manager, HelloSign

Mohi Pillai

Senior Product Manager, HelloSign