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  2015 Charity Vote Submissions

  2015 OOW WebCenter and BPM Event

  2015 OOW WebCenter and BPM Event (US & Non-Competitor)

  AP Automation - Oracle EBS, PeopleSoft & JD Edwards (Netprospex)

  AP Automation Contacts (Netprospex) 2

  BCBS MI Contacts

  BD - Austin

  Bert Sykes Healthcare Contacts

  Bert Sykes Healthcare List - DoCS Replay


  Bert Sykes Healthcare List DoCS Webinar Invite

  Bert Test

  Boston BD List

  Boston Oracle List

  Budget Season - Licensing Campaign List

  C-Suite Job Titles

  CLM Healthcare - Bert List

  CLM Webinar Follow Up

  COLLAB 14&15 Scanned Leads for DoCS Email

  COLLABORATE 15 Conference Email - 2

  Booth Leads

  COLLABORATE 16 Follow Up

  COLLABORATE 16 Pre-Reg List (Netprospex) Thank You

  Controller Job Titles

  Copy of DCS-Reseller 5-30-15

  Craps Form Fills

  Craps Invite

  Customers Last 2 FY - DoCS Replay

  DCS-Reseller 5-30-15 - DoCS Replay

  Dani's DoCS Campaign - Replay

  SE Healthcare Contacts

  DoCS Webinar Invite - Customers Last 2 FY

  FD Contacts List

  Finance Job Titles

  Financial Job Titles

  HAP Contacts

  HIUG Registration List - DoCS Replay

  HIUG Registration List - DoCS Webinar Invite

  Inspyrus for PeopleSoft Registration List

  Jeff Rummel Oracle Cloud Invite

  Jody - SAP Contacts

  Jon Laroche

  Judd Robin's Business Cards

  Judd Robins

  Larry Huck Ap Automation Contact List

  MN Children's Contacts

  Martin Contacts

  Matt Ficken BD List

  O-Channel 2015 List

  OOW WebCenter List

  Ohio Health Contacts

  Oracle 2016 Roadshow

  Oracle BDC List for Pardot

  Oracle Licensing and Compliance Webinar - Thank You

  Oracle Sourcing List - Blanton

  Payable Job Titles

  Portal Upgrade Webinar Email List

  Public Sector Contacts for AP Emails

  DoCS Webinar Invite List

  SF List - Trade Show - DoCS Webinar

  Saleforce Data Pull - Finance and Accounting Contacts.csv

  Samuelson NYC Accounts - US Only - DoCS Replay

  Seth GA Prospects - DoCS Replay

  Seth NC Prospects - DoCS Replay

  Sherwin-Williams Contacts

  Sourcing Event Invite List - 10 8 15

  Sparrow Contacts


  TekStream - California Contacts

  TekStream Complete Database

  TekStream Customers - Past 2 FY

  TekStream Customers - Past 2 FY - DoCS Webinar

  TekStream Sales and Marketing

  TekStream Webinar Registrants

  TekTalk - Oracle Cloud Services Enabling Efficiency for Government and Business - Thank You Lis

  TekTalk Thank You & Replay: Inspyrus List

  TekTalk-Oracle Documents Cloud Service - Thank You

  Texas Customers and Prospects

  Textron Contacts

  WebCenter Hot Jobs Email - September

  Yohan Healthcare List

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